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Dry Needling

Applying acupuncture needleWhile chiropractic care is highly effective in helping to restore the integrity of the relationship between your nervous system and spine, it is beneficial to address muscular issues before an adjustment. By first relieving tightness in the muscles, the chiropractic adjustment is both more comfortable and more effective.

Related to Acupuncture

As the name implies, dry needling is a modality that involves using very fine needles, like those used in acupuncture. By precisely placing these needles, we can help release muscle tightness and deactivate trigger points, which alleviates pain, improves range of motion and increases circulation. This increased blood flow brings a greater flow of oxygen and nutrients, which helps the muscles heal.

The Dry Needling Advantage

At Biotune Chiropractic, we offer several modalities to help with muscles and connective tissue. The advantage dry needling offers is its ability to deactivate very deep trigger points that deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy can’t always reach. Although working on muscles often involves some amount of discomfort, many people find dry needling to be a more comfortable approach than deep tissue work or trigger point therapy.

It can also work much more quickly, releasing a trigger point in a few seconds, and it takes less time to recover from dry needling than from a deep tissue massage. When the dry needling deactivates a trigger point, the pain relief should begin immediately and continue for at least a couple of days. Within a few treatments, and when combined with our skilled chiropractic care, your pain should resolve significantly.

Very Fine Needles

The word “needle” makes some people nervous, but in dry needling, as with acupuncture, nothing is being injected into your body. Very fine needles—about the size of a human hair—are precisely placed to release trigger points in muscles that are tight and inhibit proper mobility and nerve function. Usually the needles aren’t painful, though some people may experience a bit of discomfort as the trigger point is being deactivated.

When the trigger point is released, your muscles are able to let go of their tight grip on the joints. This makes it easier for the chiropractic adjustment to move the joint into its proper position, so the pain relief is two-fold: relief from the tightness in the muscles, as well as the relief of your joints sitting properly.

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