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Neck Pain

Neck pain has many causes which can make it hard to get through a day. Pain wherever it is can even cost you time off work. Whether the pain is from a new injury, an old injury or a postural strain from working at a computer, when you book in at Biotune Chiropractic one of our chiropractors can assess your condition and tailor a treatment plan to help you get back to a pain free state. As well as the treatment provided at the clinic, below are some stretches and exercises that can be beneficial. You can also print off our guide to stretching for neck and upper back.


Stage 1 – Range of Motion

Stage 1 is typically while you are in acute pain. The aim is to stretch tight muscles and improve your range of motion.

Exercise 1

Perform stretches for the shoulders (upper traps).
Do these stretches every hour.

Exercise 2

Perform stretches for the chest (pecs).
Do these stretches every hour.

Exercise 3

Perform stretches for the front of the neck (Sterno-cleido-mastoids). Do these stretches every hour.

Exercise 4

Perform stretches for the mid back (rhomboids). Do these stretches every hour.

Stage 2 – Stabilisation

Stage 2 is aimed at stabilisation. This is where we start to strengthen your muscles. PLEASE only progress through these exercises when your Chiropractor has assessed you.

Exercise 1

Neck endurance (for the deep neck flexors). Build up to hold for 2 minutes.

Exercise 2

Scapular setting (for the lower traps, rhomboids and lats). Build up to 3 x 1 minute holds.

Exercise 3

Scapular push ups (for the anterior scalenes). Build up to 2 sets of 20.

 Stage 3 – Strength and Conditioning

Congratulations!! When you have arrived here you have achieved a lot! Once you have mastered the stabilisation exercises you can do any of these strength and conditioning exercises in any order.

Exercise 1

Rotations, Ear to Shoulder and neck flexions (for the deep neck flexors). 20 of each on each side.

Exercise 2

Pull downs with theraband (for the mid back). 3 x sets of 15

Exercise 3

Rows with theraband or on machine (for the mid back). 3 x sets of 15

Exercise 4

T-Pulls and Y-pulls (for the mid back). 3 x sets of 10

Exercise 5

Fish Sizing (for the mid back). 3 x sets of 10

Exercise 6

Pulls Ups (for the mid back). 3 x sets of 10

Exercise 7

Scapular push ups (for the mid back). 3 x sets of 20

Stage 4: Maintenance

This is ongoing and to be completed at least 2-3 time a week to maintain optimal health.

Action 1

Join a Pilates, Yoga or Tai Chi class. Get a personal trainer. Join in a sport you enjoy but DO SOMETHING active that will engage a range of muscles and keep your body moving!

Action 2

Reduce causing factors. Have your workstation assessed for correct ergonomics.

Action 3

Get regular check-ups with your chiropractor to make sure your biomechanics are working well.

* The stretches and exercises on this page are a general guide for common complaints. To get specific advice on which exercises would suite you best it is always recommended to see your chiropractor. Any of our exercises are done at your own risk and any exercise that causes discomfort should be stopped immediately.