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Neck Pain

At Biotune Chiropractic, our dedicated team provides full-body healthcare. We keep your needs and best interest in mind at all times to make sure that your experience with us is efficient and results-oriented.

Finding the Cause of Your Pain

Woman sitting at desk with neck painOur patients make up a broad array of different people. The ailments they seek our help for are just as varied, often including conditions such as neck pain. Neck pain is commonly experienced in the general population. You may experience tenderness in a certain area or a more general region. The pain can radiate into your shoulders and even travel down your arms. You may also have a headache, depending on the cause of your neck pain.

The most common causes of neck pain include:

  • Whiplash
  • Extended periods of sitting at a desk
  • Poor posture
  • Incorrect sleeping positions

The Many Effects of Neck Pain

If you have neck pain, the most common effect that you’ll experience is decreased movement. You’ll notice that you don’t have the same mobility you did before the pain set in. You may have a tenderness throughout your neck and a headache, which can repeat if your pain goes away, then returns.

You can also have numbness and tingling in your neck, shoulders, arms and hands. The symptoms you experience will depend completely on the cause of your neck pain, of which there are several.

How We May Help You

As chiropractors, our staff members work to alleviate your symptoms by restoring motion to joints that have become “stuck.” When a joint is stuck, inflammation sets in, and your muscles will go into spasm to protect the inflamed area. By addressing the fixated joint, your muscles can return to their normal function and the inflammation will dissipate.

The first step in finding out whether we can help you is to have an evaluation. Your chiropractor will perform a comprehensive physical examination and discuss your health history. If we believe that we can help you, we will give you a chiropractic adjustment.

As a part of your care, you’ll also receive recommendations and advice that help to speed up your healing. For example, if you work at a desk, we’ll talk to you about the ergonomics of your workstation and how to make sure it’s set up correctly. Our recommendations will be based on your particular lifestyle and what can benefit you the most.
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Your Tailored Management Plan

At our practice, we believe in care that is tailored to the individual. After your examination, we can determine the best way to help you reach your specific goals. With our modern techniques and equipment, you’ll have access to many of the latest advancements in the healthcare field. Our chiropractors make every effort to ensure that you get the results you want!

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We welcome the opportunity to meet you and evaluate whether we can assist you. Contact our practice now to schedule your initial appointment for neck pain Joondalup! We have flexible hours that include early and late hours.

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