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Sciatica Relief

The team at Biotune Chiropractic offers you the contemporary solutions you need for many types of musculoskeletal complaints. At our practice, we provide personalised care that’s centered on your individual needs. Sciatica is one of several types of conditions we often see.

If you’ve heard of sciatica or suffer from it, you know that it’s a nerve-based pain that travels down your leg. In some cases, it can affect both of your legs. One of the most common causes of sciatic pain is damage to the disc that presses on the nerve. When pressure is applied to the sciatic nerve, a shooting pain often occurs, travelling down the leg and into the foot. Other causes of sciatica include muscle spasms in the hip and glute region, which press on the sciatic nerve.

The Many Signs of Sciatica

Chiropractor with female patientThere are certain types of pain that may be confused for sciatica. There are certain hallmarks to this condition, which include:

  • Shooting pain down one or both legs
  • Pain in the hip, buttocks, thigh, knee, foot or a combination of these
  • Worsening of pain when bending or lifting the leg while lying down
  • Numbness and tingling

If you’re unsure whether you have sciatica, it may be because you don’t have pain that goes all the way into your feet. You don’t have to have the pain extending that far to be suffering sciatica. It may only go into your hip or just above your knee. Your discomfort likely worsens when you bend to pick something up. If you lie flat on your back and lift your leg, the pain will increase. These are all signs that you have sciatica.

What Might Worsen Your Sciatica

If your sciatica is due to a disc-related issue, you may find that the pain worsens over time as your disc problem progresses. A disc injury is graded in terms of severity of the bulge. It can directly impact the amount of pain you experience.

Sciatic pain usually worsens if you sit for a time at an office desk, on a long-haul flight, an extended drive in the car or prolonged sitting at home. Bending forward or lifting an object can apply more pressure to the problem area, resulting in acute spasm or pain. If your sciatica is caused by a muscle, the use of the muscle and surrounding tissues can cause your discomfort to worsen.

How We May Help You

At Biotune Chiropractic, our team provides chiropractic care that may alleviate your sciatica symptoms. We address spinal joints that are stuck, which results in inflammation in the area. The muscles may tighten as a response to the inflammation and go into spasm. Correcting the fixated joint will allow your muscles to return to their normal function.

The first step is to have a comprehensive physical examination and history with one of our chiropractors. After, we can perform a specific adjustment to any areas of your body that are injured or compensating for the injury.

We’ll give you recommendations specific to your case to speed up your healing. Ergonomic advice such as your computer station setup or a discussion of how sleep affects your pain will also be useful in returning you to normal function.
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