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Poor Posture

The team at Biotune Chiropractic is here to support your wellbeing. It has been proven that chiropractic can assist in addressing many symptoms of musculoskeletal conditions. In today’s world, it’s more common than ever that people are hunched over their mobiles, computers or tablets. As a result, poor posture runs rampant in all age groups.

How Poor Posture Occurs

Man and woman walking outdoors at sunsetStarting earlier and earlier in life, we see people who suffer from improper muscular tone because of their daily activities. There are many factors that can impact your posture, including your occupation or participation in sport. The risk factors for having poor posture include job stress and strain, which gives a higher likelihood of developing symptoms in the neck and shoulders.

When you have poor posture, the cause of it is specific muscles that tighten, shorten, lengthen or become weakened. No matter how your posture-related issues set in, we have the expertise to assist you in resolving them.

The Signs That You Suffer From Poor Posture

When you think of poor posture, you probably think of slumping forward. That isn’t, however, the only type of poor posture that a person can have. Since we have such a variety of body types, incorrect posture will vary from person to person. One person’s proper posture would be improper for the next person.

Poor posture results from musculoskeletal distortion in the neck, upper back and lower back. Some of the classic signs that you have poor posture include:

  • A forward pelvis
  • Rounded shoulders
  • A jutted-out neck and chin

The Contributing Factors of Poor Posture

A forward-positioned pelvis is from an exaggerated curve in the lower back. It pushes the internal organs in your abdominal region towards the anterior of the body. Rounded shoulders and posture problems in the neck are caused by an excessive curve in the neck or the mid-back.

Sitting for long periods at your desk, on a long-haul plane flight, taking long drives or sitting on your couch at home can all exacerbate poor posture. You should try to avoid being stationary for too long, or take periodic breaks so that you aren’t still for extended periods. If you have a pre-existing injury such as a disc bulge, simple stationary tasks can be difficult to complete without the onset of poor posture.

How We’ll Start Your Care

The first step in becoming a patient is to book in for an examination. At your initial appointment, we’ll perform a physical evaluation and take your health history. Once we determine that you are a candidate for what we do, we can perform a chiropractic adjustment.

The adjustment is designed to free up fixated joints in your entire body, including your problem area. Since you can develop compensation patterns to make up for the injury, it’s important to look beyond the region where you feel your discomfort.

You’ll also receive lifestyle recommendations from your chiropractor. They may discuss topics such as your sleeping habits or workstation setup to ensure that these won’t interfere with your healing.
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