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Meet the Team

The Biotune Chiropractic team is dedicated to improving your health, helping you to lead the more active life you desire. Whether you want to get out of pain or hope to increase performance in a sport, we’re ready to thoroughly assess your needs.

matt coxall

Dr Matt Coxall, Chiropractor

I have worked hard mastering this technique over many years and love watching peoples’ bodies transform in front of me.
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Dr Charlene Lees, Chiropractor Joondalup

Dr Charlene Lees, Chiropractor

I graduated from Murdoch University with distinction honours. Some of my highlights from uni were when I travelled to India and treated the Bangladeshi refugee ‘rock breakers’ who worked on the banks of the river and treating the surfers at the Margaret River Masters.

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Dr Jill Mokrzycki, Joondalup Chiropractor

Dr Jill Mokrzycki, Chiropractor

Chiropractic care was a part of my life early on, with my mum seeking a chiropractor’s help to avoid taking medications. My interest in health, nutrition and the human body made me want to become a chiropractor. I love seeing the changes that chiropractic care can make in people’s lives, and continue to be amazed by its results.

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Dr. Blake

Dr Blake Edwards, Chiropractor

As a qualified chiropractor who graduated from Murdoch University, I have a strong passion for providing person-centred and movement-based chiropractic care to my clients.
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Renae (Receptionist)

daisy photo

Daisy (Receptionist)


Andrea (Practice Manager)

We look forward to meeting you and determining whether we may be able to help you. Contact us today for a convenient evening appointment!

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