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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear to my appointment?

We suggest you wear comfortable loose fitting clothing however whatever clothes you arrive in, our team will take care of you.

Are chiropractic adjustments safe?

Absolutely. Long term research shows that joint manipulation is one of the safest approaches for relieving pain compared to many different medical approaches.

Why is there a click when I have an adjustment?

When you have an adjustment, a gas bubble can sometimes be released within the joint space. The great thing about this is it relaxes muscles around the joint and increases how far it moves.This may need to be repeated a few times in succession to get the joint to return to its normal, fully mobile state.

Why do adjustments need to be done?

Bad posture, constant heavy lifting, too much sitting in front of a computer or poor work conditions can all attribute to joints not moving, self lubricating and repairing properly. Having adjustments re-establish correct movement and allow the body to move with better efficiency.

Will I receive treatment at the first visit?

Yes! Unless your chiropractor feels the need to refer you for any tests first.

Will I need x-rays?

Not usually. In most cases a diagnosis can be made without X-Rays. If you do need X-Rays or any other images (e.g. MRI) these can be organised and bulk billed when appropriate.

Can I claim private health cover?

Yes. We have HICAPS allowing you to claim immediately.

Does it hurt?

The manipulations/adjustments usually do not hurt at all. Sometimes the muscle work can be firm but we always work to each individual’s tolerance.

How do I get to Biotune Chiropractic?

We’re based in the Lakeside Shopping Centre on the corner of Grand Boulevard and Boas Avenue. Our practice is next door to H&R Block. There’s parking in a multi-story car park on Grand Boulevard, or there are paid parking spots outside the practice. We’re close to the Joondalup train station and bus station. Can we help with anything else?

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